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While the technicians and repairs have generally been satisfactory, this company is now behaving atrociously. They sold people a program (Advantage program). It was marketed as providing the participant with up to 2 screen repairs and 1 replacement phone over the course of a year for the monthly charge of $7.00. This plan was not sold as 1 repair/month, etc. It was sold as a number of repairs/replacements per YEAR. The expectation would therefore be that you would pay that monthly fee for a YEAR. When I buy home insurance, I am giving a yearly amount, which is then paid in installments. Part way through the year they do not triple your fee.

They are now attempting to raise the price to almost THREE-TIMES what it was ($7 to $20). Then they provide a credit card form with no $ amount on it, which is unprofessional and something no one should sign. How they can expect people to sign over their card information without including an actual dollar amount, not just "an agreed on monthly amount" on the form, is beyond my understanding.

I now understand why icracked has completely removed any trace of the program from their website. Not only is it now ridiculously expensive, but it unprofessionally run. Not only this fee increase, but trying to contact the Advantage program and make a claim is unbelievable. When calling the icracked number you get put on hold and shuffled around, and no one has any idea about the program, or how it works, or how to arrange a repair. It takes all of the convenience out of the icracked system. It requires at least a dozen phone calls. Then to top it off a provided replacement phone was a refurbished phone that had not been adequately tested and did not work. Requiring the phoning to begin again to get another one.

I purchased this program for my son in March and feel we are entitled to what we were promised, a monthly fee of $7/y and 2 screen repairs and 1 replacement. Not $20/month! $20 is not a reasonable increase from $7, in anyone's opinion, and certainly not mid-plan.

It took me 3-4 emails just to get them to tell me what the monthly rate would be, all the while wanting me to fill in a form with my credit card info and no dollar amount. All complaints to the company have earned the response, of that is the new price, and if you want to continue with the program that is what it costs. Otherwise they delete you from the program and do not make good on the fees you have already paid, nor the promised repair limit.

This program appears to be administered by diff people than the icracked staff, but regardless, icracked is responsible.

I think this is an almost criminal business practice, and would caution anyone to join this plan if it reappears on the icracked website.

Product or Service Mentioned: Icracked Advantage Protection Plan.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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Austin, Texas, United States #1292980

If you think this is bad, Icracked even rips off their own techs as well. They have a so called lifetime warranty on screens.

Of course frame damage voids the warranty.

What they don't tell you is 90 percent of frames are damaged. Icracked is not reliable.

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